Vrouw wint 1 miljoen dollar op gokkast tijdens kerstavond

Vrouw wint 1 miljoen dollar op gokkast tijdens kerstavond

Vrouw wint 1 miljoen dollar op gokkast tijdens kerstavond

a woman in the Uk was santa’s early this year. The lucky winner won it on christmas eve with a jackpot of over a million dollars on a slot machine in Las Vegas. She has won the top prize on a Wheel of Fortune machine at the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.

According to the casino, have a total of up to 960 spins to win the jackpot. Assuming that each bet is 5 bucks a spin it has taken, they make a joint commitment of $ 4.800. This is, of course, is not really a small amount, but if you do there will eventually be $ 1.023.743,22, knows how to make it, then you are doing the right thing! 🙂

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Wheel of Fortune slot machines are very popular in Las Vegas

in Addition to the Video Poker machines are among the Americans in the so-called Wheel of Fortune (Wheel of Fortune)-slot machines are very popular as well. Every casino has dozens of slots in the casinovloer are. The goal is to have three special jackpotsymbolen on a single-line, appear to get. If you do, then you will win the jackpot which is the top of the slot of the section.

After every use and that is being done to grow the jackpot by a small amount, as long as the jackpot is not possible. Moreover, there are other ways to have a nice amount of money to win on this slot machine. If the bonnussymbool comes up on a payline, you can press a special button. The rad is at the top of the slot machine is going to run, just like the famous tv show Wheel of Fortune.

bonus symbol is often found

Depending on how much you bet, you can get hundreds of credits to be won in the game. The bonus symbol is quite common, and that means that you have to take that much time to play with it as the wheel is allowed to rotate. What part of the wheel that the arrow exactly in the landing, you know, of course, never have, and maybe it just makes the Wheel of Fortune slot game, so much fun!

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