Stratosphere Hotel & Casino gets a new name-in The Start

Stratosphere Hotel & Casino gets a new name-in The Start

Stratosphere Hotel & Casino gets a new name-in The Start

The iconic Stratosphere Hotel & Casino is going to be continued under the name of The Start. That was the owner of Golden Entertainment is well-known. According to the company, it is in the name of ‘The Area’ out of date and it’s time for something new. In addition to the change of name is also $ 140 million was invested in the renovation of the hotel and casino.

The Street is especially well known in the Vegas skyline

at The pay-per-view, or, rather, so, now, in The Street, 🙂 first opened its doors in 1996 and is particularly well known for its 350 meter high tower. Almost each and every city skyline photo of downtown Las Vegas, the tower can be seen. The tower is a landmark for tourists and for, the Las Vegas of today.

Observatiedeck, and the attractions

the Tourists, for an additional fee for the tower visit, and the elevator up to enjoy the view. There is also a restaurant with a slow-spinning of the column. If you can, while you can relax on the floor and the whole of Las Vegas to see it in 360 degrees. In addition to the restaurant, and the observatiedeck, there are also a number of attractions are present at the top of the tower. This theme area is now known as the SkyPod.


The public buildings, including the casinovloer, dining, and entertainment area, you will probably be out next year and be ready. and “upgrading from the hotel, we will go over the next few years, and get to work.”, said Steve Arcana, COO of Golden Entertainment.

Photo: VitalVegas.

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