Dwell ONLINE CASINO Car dealership Wedged Betrayal

Dwell ONLINE CASINO Car dealership Wedged Betrayal

Dwell ONLINE CASINO Car dealership Wedged Betrayal

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THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING SHIT. Watch the dealer tap the shoe with his finger, probably to prompt for a mirror affect to hide what he does next, only someone didn’t do their job… and we GOT THEM pushing up the next card and pulling the one behind it 🙂 Enjoy THIS SHIT
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19 thoughts on “Dwell ONLINE CASINO Car dealership Wedged Betrayal

  1. Commenting again here. This really does look like the dealer is cheating. For one you grab the next card by sliding it off the deck with your finger(s) in the middle of the card, not by one finger on the bottom of the deck, thereby pushing it up to reveal the next card. It's inconsistent shown here in the video vs when he grabs the other cards. I believe all the cards can be tracked in order while in the shoe by rfid tracking technology or similar. Having said that, there's a lot of online reviews on various sites in regard to payouts for betonline and how they don't release funds for those that have won. You're also dealing with a company overseas in Panama with who the fuck kind of laws enacted there for consumer protection, probably none, either. It's also stupid that this casino would needlessly have to cheat for this one particular hand vs you have to cheat for all hands to make it advantageous to the casino. It's also stupid that they'd have to cheat when the odds are already in favor of the casino. So, this is why I will never play on this site and go to my local hard rock casino where I won't have desposit/payout fees or waiting times.

  2. I never learn… Ive always questioned blackjack on betonline. if you ever play on this site you will see the dealer (not live dealer) always seems to make 21 when statistics states they should be busting. There is no such thing as a random generator on casino games online.

  3. yes … casino online is cheating people in the world … roulette and sicbo dice use magnet computer to control the roulette ball and sicbo dice … bacarat use dirty hand to card … lose almost US $80.000 … 1st day and 2nd day i playing win US$ 40.000 then 3rd always lose till US $80.000. They give you win first then eat you more !!!

  4. Thank you for posting this. I was planning to place a deposit with BetOnline and am glad I saw this first.

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